Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Property Tax Increase Alert!

Here is a notice we recieved from Leon Drolet. If you live in Macomb County, please pay attention! If you don't, read on and make sure your County isn't doing the same thing.

Miserable enough yet? Things tough enough for you yet? Not if you live in Macomb County, where your county Board of Commissioners doesn't think you pay enough in property taxes. They're going to raise your property taxes by 9%.

Yeah, I said NINE PERCENT! And I'm not saying that they're "thinking of raising your taxes" or "might raise your taxes". No, they WILL raise your county property tax millage rate from 4.2 mills to 4.5685 mills - about a 9% hike. And they'll be voting on the tax hike later this month.

How insane is it to raise taxes on suffering citizens in the middle of the worst depression in decades? Do Commissioners have any idea how bad things are for citizens right now? Do they care?

Folks, it is time to protest. A protest is scheduled, snow, rain or shine, for Wednesday, March 11 at 6:30pm in front to the Palazzo Grande Banquet and Event Center at 54660 Van Dyke (South of 25 Mile Rd.), in Shelby Twp.

Why March 11 at the Palazzo Grande? Because that's the Commissioners' final 'Town Hall Meeting' at which they explain why they want to raise your property taxes.
The protest will last from 6:30pm until the meeting begins at 7:00pm, at which time we will enter the meeting itself. We will not disrupt the meeting, but we WILL insist on speaking and asking questions at the appropriate time.

Friends, if you live in Macomb, we need you to help with this fight. Somewhere, some place, citizens must take a stand against the fiscal insanity consuming our country, state and local governments. Take that stand with us next week at the protest in Shelby Township. It's what you can do to fight back!

I'll keep you posted. See you on March 11th.

Leon Drolet
MI Taxpayers Alliance

One last Macomb County note: the final workshops for citizens to learn how to appeal their property tax assessments are THIS WEEK. These educational workshops are a free service of the MI Taxpayers Alliance and the Wayne County Taxpayers Association.

Tomorrow, March 5th at Harrison Township Hall located at 38151 L'Anse Creuse, Harrison Township, MI 48045 at 7:00pm.

Friday, March 6th at Washington Township Hall located at 57900 Van Dyke, 1/2 mile north of 26 Mile Road. There are TWO workshops scheduled on this same evening, the first from 5:00pm until 6:45pm and the second from 7:00pm until 8:45pm.

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