Saturday, April 4, 2009

Updated Parking Information

For Printable Map of Downtown Lansing CLICK HERE:


Capitol Baptist Ministries is offering shuttle rides from their parking lot on the 15th. Shuttles will leave at 9, 10, and 11:00 am from 5100 Willoughby Road, Holt, MI 48842. Shuttles will return folks to the church after the event. Please call 517-694-1216 x10 to reserve your spot! More shuttles may be added.

ALERT!!! The ramp from 96 West to 127 North is CLOSED. Please continue on 96 West and take either Cedar Street or Martin Luther King Blvd north into the downtown area.

There is a Public Parking Ramp located one block south of the Capitol Building on Capitol Ave.

Also, some suggestions for parking from Ted, a "veteran" of downtown Lansing parking

The CATA bus system is very good and there are several lots outside the downtown Capitol area available.

The lot that comes to mind first is a Church lot located at St.Joe & Martin Luther King Drive. The State employees used to use this lot (approx. 8 blocks southwest of the Capitol) & parking is also available at the State Library ( History & Arts Library)located on Butler at Kalamazoo (approx. 7 blocks to Capitol).

Current folks looking for or offering rides:

Grand Rapids Area:

I'm looking for others to share ride from the Grand Rapids or other West MI locations. I don't mind driving but wouldn't mind having several riders not so much to share expenses but to share our thoughts. email me at

Anyone interested in chartering a bus for us all? I guess I need to know how many are interested. Try this email address. I hope it works It's one I don't use often.

For those who are posting about a ride, it would greatly help if you mentioned where you are located. I am located in Grand Rapids area and looking for riders to Lansing on the 15th. Someone also posted about chartering a bus, which would be super, but the email for him/her didn't work.
Contact me at

Garden City:

I expect to go to the Lansing tea party. I will be leaving from the Garden City area west of Detroit and my SUV can hold up to 7 people.


I'm leaving from the Midland area going to the Lansing Tea Party if anyone needs a ride.e-mail me at:


I'm going from Birmingham area. If anyone needs a ride e-mail me at:

Cedar Springs

I'm going I live in cedar springs and don't know how to get there can I follow someone I have some room for maybe 1 or 2 more people if someone lives up here this is my first protest should I bring something a sign thank you


"Fashionable" Ferndale - have room for 2, possibly 3 more in my little mule (SUV). A small donation for gas would be appreciated but is not expected. Email me directly at to coordinate. PS - I am a smoker, if that matters to you. Yeah, I pay LOTS of taxes :)


My name is Marlo and I am looking for for a ride from Holly, please me contact at


Hi, My name is Tom Chase and I live in Wyandotte. I may need a ride to Lansing for the Tea Party on April 15th. if I am able to go. I can be contacted at and I also need a job. I have many abilities including pipe fitting,sales and marketing.

Traverse City:

JGillman said... The Traverse City Charter to Lansing on the 15th info is here:

Beverly Hills:

I have room in my suburban if you would like a ride. I am in Beverly hills area. email


Leaving Dearborn for the Lansing tea party. Want a ride? contact I can accommodate 2 riders.


I’ll be leaving from the Brighton area. If anyone is interested in carpooling, please email me at:
God Bless America.